Friday, July 29, 2011

The Past Six Months in Haiku

Where’s Armenia?
Former Soviet Union
It’s east of Turkey

More volunteering
Another Peace Corps Response

First Christian nation
301 AD – quite proud
That and alphabet

Poor country, problems
As elsewhere, but some unique
Peace Corps here to help

Late January
Four PCRVs started
Bri, Gordon, Jeanne, me

Fell on computer
Major stress for oh, six weeks
Glad it could be fixed

Homeland Handicrafts
Orders, craft fairs, overload
Whirlwind right away

Trip to Syunik marz
Meghri, Kapan and Goris
Assessed needs and skills

Ultimately not
A good Response assignment
For several reasons

Language tutoring
Basics, numbers and letters
Ha, che? (yes and no)

New job – MCA
PR for infrastructure
Right up my alley!

Lots of work events
Canals, trees, pumping stations
Writing, editing

The Ambassador!
Princeton classmate – a small world
Met some great folks here

Good things done here by
Millennium Challenge Corp
Glad to be involved

Yerevan winter
Museums, concerts, and dance
Snow kept us nearby

Restaurants and cafes
And the top of the Cascade
Lots of sculpture here

Foreign getaways
New energy, perspective
Glad I came back, too

With spring, more travel
Many historic sites; not
One church seen ‘em all

Hiking club day trips
Visiting some PCVs
Organized bus tours

Forts, monasteries
Snow, green, mountains, flowers, birds
Khatchkars unique art

Silk Road visitors
Genocide memorial
Easter holiday

Highlights – Goris caves
Gyumri earthquake evidence

World Heritage sites
Shopping at the Vernissage
Views of Ararat

Sights in every marz
Nation size of Maryland
Beautiful country

Dolma, Grand Candy
Lavash, salty cheese and greens
Berries, apricots

Homestay – B and B
Web site, marketing brochure
Secondary work

Comfy bed, good food
Hot shower, host Zina nice
But – not my own place

Six months went by fast
Great PC staff, volunteers
And Armenians

Also, those at home
Support, packages and more
Thank you all so much!

Next? Some travel now
Look forward to seeing friends,
Family. Then – job?

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